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 helping women make their dreams come true.


by Stitches of Hope for Training

About Tribalogy

Tribalogy is the study of tribal cultures that are rich in

history and unique in their nature. Due to the lack of general

interests and ever-growing demand for ¨fast and cheap¨, many

of such cultures are at a danger of extinction. Our aim is to

explore, learn and create based on the study, while providing

economical and occupational support to those in need.

Originally from Japan and having lived in New York, Italy and

Switzerland, Tribalogy founder Mei Hayashi moved to Jordan in

2008. Having worked as a fashion designer for high-end brands

in New York and Italy, the life experiences in a small Bedouin

village in the south of Jordan helped her reach a new height as

a designer and use her creations as a way to celebrate the tribal


Through this project, Tribalogy aims to increase awareness, inspire others and make a difference. Instead of adding just another product to the already cluttered world, we would like to present something special with a soul, a craftwork made by the hands of those who are in need, with design details that are unique to the tribal cultures. 


Tribalogyの創始者である林芽衣(はやし めい)は、日本で生まれ育ち、中学と高校をスイスで過ごしました。そして高校卒業とともにニューヨークでファッションデザインを学び、いくつかのブランドのデザイナーとしてニューヨークとイタリアでキャリアを積んだ後、2008年に南ヨルダンにあるベドイン民族